Be Empowered Through Our Virtual Initiatives

Translatinx Network offers an array of weekly groups for our TGNC community members and allies. Our groups include social activities, educational programs, skill building trainings, and various conversations about our mental, physical, emotional and sexual health. For a full list of weekly groups, visit our Weekly Groups page.

We look forward to getting to know you!


TN Connect is a full-service program for people over 50 who are living with HIV. TN Connect is a great opportunity to meet peers who share your interests and concerns. The program operates in offices of Translatinx Network  - a safe, confidential, and affirming space in both English and Spanish.
TN Connect provides one-on-one and group support in your efforts to stay emotionally, physically, and medically healthy.
Participation in this program also offers you access to Translatinx Network's other services, including food pantry, community legal clinic, English classes and so much more.

TGNC Health Services

TGNC Health is the long-standing health initiative here at Translatinx Network. The work that founded our organization is a special blend of prevention, case management, and referrals – all promoted via year-round events.

Our program consists of a multitude of workshops and partnerships with like-minded community providers to provide linkages to care and in house testing at Translatinx Network.

HIV/AIDS Prevention

We know sometimes it’s hard to ask questions about HIV / AIDS and often the search for answers is very long and the answers are complicated, but we here to help so you have the information you need.

Now available HIV Home Test Kit. If you would to request a kit please contact us at 646-882-2000 or email us


Nutritional Services and PPE


We provide pantry in Manhattan once a month on Wednesdays and occasionally in Queens. Included are healthy foods, hygiene kits, and PPE. Get in touch to get access to our Food Pantry pickup now!

To request services, please fill out our Service Request Form HERE.
Call us at 646-882-2000 or email us at

TN Stock Photo Pantry

TGNC Workforce Development



FORWARD is Translatinx Network’s workforce program for our TGNC immigrant and otherwise vulnerable community members. To download a copy of our program brochure, select the pdf in the language you prefer. For all further inquiries, contact us.

TGNC Leadership Space


The TGNC Leadership Space is a 12-course, 5-week workforce development class for transgender and gender non-conforming adults.

We will learn about resume and cover letter writing, interview skills, and emotional health, as well as HIV prevention strategies and testing methods. To apply, fill out the form in your preferred language, and for more information download the flyers.

TN Leadership Space Info-1
SP TN Leadership Space Info-1

Peer Outreach Education-POE

The Peer Outreach Education is an 8 Course, 5 week approach to health promotion.  Peer education is the teaching or sharing of health information to educate the LGBTQ community.
We will be learning about resume and cover letter writing as well as HIV prevention strategies and testing methods. They will also learn about what is the difference between traditional and enhanced outreach. To apply, fill out the form in your preferred language, and for more information please contact us at 646-882-200 or email us

Trans Empowerment Space Fellowship


Graduates of our TGNC Leadership Space and TGNC Bridge will be invited to apply for our new Trans Empowerment Space Fellowships, which are 3-month, part-time paid positions at Translatinx Network through which participants can gain more robust leadership experience by helping with and co-leading our outreach, community education and HIV testing programs. This program is designed for those entering/re-entering the traditional workforce.

Our fellows will serve up to 15 hours per week gaining hands-on experience and ongoing mentorship from TN staff with professional development opportunities and training. With acceptance into the TES program, fellows will be provided with transportation and computer accessibility.

FORWARD: Immigrant Support Services

We are proud to be able to provide services for immigrants as they adjust to a new life, culture, language, and economic and political norms. 

We are here to attend to the immigrant community's needs and provide the following services:

  • Peer support groups and counseling
  • ESL Classes
  • Civic Engagement and Leadership Trainings
  • Legal services

Se habla Español!

To request services, please fill out our Service Request Form HERE.

Forward brochure website

Capacity Building

TGNC Cultural Competency Trainings for Providers


Translatinx Network’s works with partner and allied organizations to train and enhance TGNC cultural knowledge, skills, and other resources needed to do their jobs with greater competence. Depending on the needs of the organization, we can offer the following workshops:

  • Transgender Basics - Primer (30 mins)
  • Working with the Transgender Community - Extended (60 mins)
  • Engaging the LGBTQ Immigrant Community - Specialized (60 mins)
  • TGNC Entering the Workplace (60-75 mins)
  • Tailored workshops to your organizational needs are also available. Please contact us for more information.