Virtual Empowerment Initiatives

We offer weekly pantry services to our community. Included are healthy foods, hygiene kits and PPE. Every Thursday in Manhattan and we also prioritize our Queens immigrant community as well. Get in touch to get access to our Food Pantry pickup now!
FORWARD is Translatinx Network’s workforce program for our TGNC immigrant and otherwise vulnerable community members. TGNC Leadership Space is a closed group that focuses on delivering and empowering curriculum that emphasizes career building for our community members. Group members are tasked with optimizing their resume, conducting outreach work, training in Rapid HIV Certification, and developing their public speaking skills. All of the challenges are structured to kindle the Leadership.
TGNC Health is the long-standing health initiative here at Translatinx Network. The work that founded our organization is a special blend of prevention, case management, and referrals – all promoted via year round events. Our program consists of a multitude of workshops and partnerships with like-minded community providers to provide linkages to care and in house testing at Translatinx Network.
Click the link to view our Leadership Groups Calendar for weekly Virtual Group Meetings.
The TES Program provides our community members with educational materials focused on digital and interview skills, emotional health, HIV Prevention and more.


Translatinx Network has a consistent presence in rallies, community forums, panels, and social movements to raise awareness of the culture-specific issues faced by our community. We are committed to engaging the community members who are most marginalized and providing education to raise awareness about the needs of our community members.

Our direct services

Virtual Peer Counseling

Translatinx Network provides peer counseling services to individuals who are struggling with issues related to gender identity, bullying, isolation, and other concerns that impact their emotional health. We also provide linkages to supportive services throughout New York City.

Virtual HIV Prevention Education

Our agency provides HIV-prevention services throughout New York City in order to address the disproportionate burden identified in transgender individuals. We approach this issue with great empathy and insight into the unique issues that impact the risk factors in the transgender and gender non-conforming community. We provide HIV and PrEP education, risk assessments and risk reduction counseling, condom distribution, HIV/STI testing referrals, and linkage to healthcare.

Virtual Support Groups

Our support groups provide a confidential safe space for transgender and gender non-conforming individuals. This space is utilized by group facilitators for peer support and enrichment. Our support groups are scheduled at various locations in New York City that are easily accessible through public transportation.

Virtual Workforce development and career services

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