We are currently looking to fill the following positions here at Translatinx Network:

Peer Health Coordinator

Under the supervision of the CEO the role of the Peer Health Coordinator is to provide a bridge between providers and clients that facilitates the medical and psychosocial care. The Peer Health Coordinator will oversee all the Peer Health Advisors on organization operating days regarding anything regarding the organization.

The Peer Health Coordinator is expected to serve as a role model who provides reliable information, appropriate referrals, and peer support to individuals who are infected and/or at risk for HIV or AIDS. The Coordinator will oversee registration of Translatina Network at any events that coexists with our mission, and assign staff members to work those events. The Coordinator will handle all office materials and equipment every day to make sure everything is either locked up or available for the staff members according to what is appropriate and necessary. 

To apply, visit our Work and Internship Opportunities page for more information.