Every time you donate to Translatinx Network, it counts. Currently, we are holding a fundraiser to buy hygiene kits, clothing items, and Metrocards for our immigrant community members here.

GoFundMe Banner reads 'LGBTQ+ Immigrants Need Your Support' with photos of TN staff and contact information.

We provide our community with:

  • Access to trainings
  • Peer Leadership
  • Referrals to social services
  • Referrals to FREE rapid HIV testing and STD screenings
  • Referrals to meeting spaces for social and support groups
  • Referrals to free legal advice
  • And much much more!

How much should I donate to Translatinx Network?

As much as you want! Translatina Network accepts and appreciates every dollar given.   Your donation goes toward a long way to improve the lives of our members.

How do I donate to Translatinx Network?  

Support our Giving Tuesday Campaign here

Simply click to donate here on Paypal.

How else can I help?

You can also volunteer with us, or help out with events! For more details, follow this link to Get Involved.

If you would still like to learn more about donating to Translatina Network, please call us at (917) 274-7886. 

You can also help by contributing to our Clothing Closet: see below for our wishlist! All donations can be brought to 137 W 19th St, 2 Fl, New York NY 10011.

Clothing Closet Wishlist