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Trans people are prepared and eager to work.  Let’s network and find that ideal job. Some common important questions that we ask ourselves at some point in life are:


Where do I look for guidance in finishing my education? What career should I look into? How can I transition safely at work? How can I give myself the most opportunity to advance in the workforce?

Getting the right information is crucial in order to maximize success by minimizing our limitations. We have to strive for what we believe in and reject restrictive or limiting opportunities.

Step 1) Identify potential careers or areas to work in the labor force that you want to be part of.

You may be thinking: What are my next steps?

The next steps involve creating and editing your resume, gathering professional (or academic) references, and maybe even writing cover letters. And of course, searching and applying to jobs. This can be challenging, but help is available. Job search requires time commitment, energy, and determination. Dedicating as little as 20 minutes daily can really help increase chances of finding employment. Make the commitment and apply consistency and success will be yours!

Checking our Jobs section will help you find job opportunities at progressive organizations that believe in upholding trans affirming employment protections.

Remember, we are capable of working in any desired profession. Translatinx deserve equal rights, livable wages, and to live fulfilling lives. Just like everyone else. We have to work together to leave a positive path for the younger ones to follow, and take further. This is the proof that our struggle is not in vain.

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